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We’re always thinking things through, studying strategies, digging in the data to uncover patterns and trends. In short, we never stop looking for ways to enhance our services and benefit our clients.
Tip 8. Research GDPR
Whether you are about to launch your first DM campaign or your 50th, new regulations are coming. Make sure you amend your data collection, storage and use now to make the 2018 transition easier. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to be enforced in May 2018.
19 January, 2018
Tip 7. Something a little bit different
Sometimes a little change to everyday items can make us look twice and really grab our interest. The direct mail campaign for Kit Kat Chunky did a fantastic job of this by using the standard “sorry we couldn’t deliver” card – with the reason as “too chunky” for your letterbox.
17 January, 2018
Tip 6. Test and refine
Most direct marketers know they should thoroughly vet their marketing tactics before starting to use them, yet testing usually stops here. However, ongoing testing, evaluation and refinement only improves mailing campaigns.
8 January, 2018
Tip 5. Acknowledge special occasions.
Be opportunistic about events in your target customer’s life such as birthdays, graduations and weddings. Sending helpful promotions around life events can create close connections with customers.
18 December, 2017
Tip 4. Provide response options
Once your readers are willing to respond to your call to action, you need to provide suitable response channels. Consider your audience and how they will want to respond. Some of your recipients will prefer to mail back their responses to the sender directly. Others may prefer to text, email or go to the website URL.
1 December, 2017
Tip 3. Make your call to action clear
Create a call to action which is clear, bold, easy to follow…and cannot be ignored. Whilst the message of your mailer must be compelling, you only have a few seconds to find your reader’s eye and tell them what to do next. Your prospect should be able to understand the message within a few seconds and be encouraged to skim further.
24 November, 2017
Tip 2. Easy skimming
In an ideal world, your target audience would take a seat and some time out of their day to read your mailer without any distraction. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Busy lifestyles force skim reading, so if your mailer makes skimming difficult, you need to reassess the design.
17 November, 2017
Tip 1. Make it lumpy
The first goal of a direct mail campaign is to get your envelope opened. Envelopes with a lumpy object inside are a great success tool. “Dimensional mail” has a significantly higher open rate and often generates higher response rates. People are curious about what’s inside, and the curiosity opens the envelope.
14 November, 2017
GDPR - Data Protection Assurance Checklist
The ICO have created a data protection assurance checklist to ensure you and your business are compliant. Check your progress here and use the checklist to see what you need to be working on (in the next few months…
26 October, 2017
GDPR - accountability and transparency
While the principles of accountability and transparency have previously been implicit requirements of data protection law, the GDPR’s emphasis elevates their significance.  
24 October, 2017