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Data Services

We’re geeky when it comes to data. Geeky in a good way. Our expert analysts get a buzz from keeping data clean, relevant and in the best possible order. Even better, is finding ways to drill down to the really useful information – identifying segments within data sets that allow you to target the right people, with the right message, at exactly the right time.
  • Health check
  • Data cleaning
  • Data preparation
  • Data management
Health checkAsset 2

When it comes to data health, we follow best practice principles. This means we run a health check on the available data right at the outset. From there we can identify any issues, recommend necessary actions, highlight opportunities and pin-point ways to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

Data cleaningAsset 2

Data is an ever changing entity that needs careful handling. From postal address verification to duplicate removal, ‘goneaway’ suppression to preference service cleaning, our data analysts take care of it all – helping to eliminate wastage and protect your brand.

And with your data cleansed and ready to deliver, you have the opportunity to update your own systems and records. The easy way to keeping your house in good order.

Data preparationAsset 2

Even the cleanest data sets can present challenges. Machine recognition issues, the different standards required by different postal operators, utilising Mailsort to achieve the most attractive postage rates – partnering with Send DM ensures all of these criteria are met.

Data managementAsset 2

Interrogating key audience segments. Revealing demographic insights. Identifying lifestyle behaviours and media preferences. Sourcing target prospect data. Running mailing tests and ROI calculations. Mapping and creating bespoke file handling systems… as you can see, there are a lot of technicalities.

Fortunately, when it comes to data management, all you need to know is that we’ve got it covered.

The benefits of partnering with Send DM

We eliminate wastage. We help you fulfil your legal obligations. We streamline and automate data feeds. We simplify processes – all in the interest of maximising your return on investment.

In short, we help you get the most out of everything you send!


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Our reputation

We don’t just send. We deliver results.

What is it in our make-up that allows us to consistently add value to our clients’ businesses? What are the special characteristics that Send DM brings to the table? Perhaps it’s best that we leave it to our clients to sum things up…

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