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Weʼre the UKʼs smartest DM business, saving our clients up to 60% on their campaigns by getting obsessive with the details.

As leaders in DM, mail fulfilment, personalisation and data services you can count on Send DM to deliver expert service and improved ROI on all your direct mail campaigns.

Key services

  • Direct Mail
  • Print and
  • Mail Fulfilment
  • Postage
  • Data Services
Direct MailAsset 2

Call-back, click-through, customer enquiries, completed sales… whatever your measure of success, Send DM’s smart thinking will help you get where you want to be.

Print and
Asset 2

From dynamic, data-driven content, to specialist print finishing, to large quantity fast-turnaround – Send DM has the expertise, the technical services and the team to bring your vision fully to life, and to drive your campaigns to success.

Mail FulfilmentAsset 2

From high-volume machine enclosing, to bespoke hand-finishing, to polywrapping and more. We’ll advise you on selecting the most suitable formats, the ones that will deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Having the right conversation early in the planning process is the first step towards improving the results and return on investment of your campaign.

PostageAsset 2

Size, weight, content, purpose, destination, format, timescales, proof of delivery – the complexities of postage can almost feel like a ‘dark art’. So much to know. So many ways to be caught out.

Here’s one example. It might seem that it’s simply a letter in an envelope but the question is, does it qualify as advertising mail or business mail? Think hard. The answer has major implications on how far a budget will go.

Data ServicesAsset 2

We’re geeky when it comes to data. Geeky in a good way. Our expert analysts get a buzz from keeping data clean, relevant and in the best possible order. Even better, is finding ways to drill down to the really useful information – identifying segments within data sets that allow you to target the right people, with the right message, at exactly the right time.

Our reputation

We don’t just send. We deliver results.

What is it in our make-up that allows us to consistently add value to our clients’ businesses? What are the special characteristics that Send DM brings to the table? Perhaps it’s best that we leave it to our clients to sum things up...

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  • "“I would like to thank all at Send for their support through our business growth.”" View case study



A large problem is the input of client and personal opinions when deciding on mailings. If you pay an agency to create your direct mail, resist the temptation to interfere by adding your own opinions and habits.

27 July, 2017



One of the most common questions we’re asked in the industry is, should we A/B test? In short, the answer is yes. A/B testing is one of the simplest methods for understanding the effectiveness of a campaign and reaping the benefits of what you’ve learnt in the next one.

18 May, 2017

B2B Direct Mail - be relevant, creative and timely Image


Want to get your business-to-business prospect’s attention? Done the right way, good old-fashioned B2B direct mail can be a key part of your strategy. Chief Marketer magazine recently talked with Michele Fitzpatrick, senior vice president, strategy and insights of The...

13 September, 2012

Calculating ROI for dummies Image


Calculating the return on investment is essential practice for running and improving direct mail campaigns. We’ve devised five straightforward steps on how to calculate ROI: Create a control group Create a control group within your data to identify background noise...

18 April, 2017


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